Secondary Raw Materials Processing



Raw materials

Krastsvetmet accepts the following types of secondary raw materials containing precious metals:

  • electronics scrap: capacitors, microchips, boards, contacts;
  • jewelry manufacture waste and scrap (Au, Ag, Pt, Pd);
  • industrial appliances scrap of platinum group metals (PGM): spent сatalyst gauzes, glass fiber bushings, thermocouple wire, labware; silver sputtering targets and plates;
  • petrochemical and chemical industry spent catalysts: platinum, platinum-rhenium, palladium catalysts based on aluminum oxide, carbon and zeolite; silver-containing catalysts based on aluminum oxide; ruthenium catalysts;
  • spent automotive exhaust catalytic converters (autocatalysts) ceramic and metal based.

For suppliers

Krastsvetmet accepts secondary raw materials containing precious metals, according to the following options:

  • Purchase of raw materials under the contract of sale (supply). Price assessment for the precious metals contained in the secondary raw materials is determined on the basis of market conditions. Krastsvetmet offers additional financial transaction instruments for raw material payment: hedging, lending, factoring. These are priority options for Krastsvetmet;
  • Tolling agreement to acquire finished products (refined precious metals, compounds, industrial appliances, jewelry).


Raw materials shipment to Krastsvetmet is carried out by the counterparty (or an authorized representative of the counterparty, a specialized carrier). In case the counterparty is unable to organize the delivery of raw materials or finished products, Krastsvetmet provides transportation on behalf of and at the expense of the counterparty. Shipping is carried out by Krastsvetmet’s partners, the largest transport and logistics companies - quickly, safely, on competitive price terms. Delivered cargo is insured by the largest insurance companies of the Russian Federation.

Acceptance and sampling of raw materials

Acceptance of raw materials at Krastsvetmet is carried out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers are informed once the plant receives the raw materials. Each supplier’s batches are accepted and processed individually. Sampling is conducted by certified methods using specialized equipment. Minimizing manual work eliminates possible errors during sampling. Customers have the right to be present at the acceptance and sampling of raw materials.

Analysis of raw materials

The selected samples are analyzed in Krastsvetmet’s laboratory. The analysis method and equipment used are defined by laboratory specialists, depending on the type of raw materials, as well as its structural and impurity composition. The shortest time and accredited results of the analysis allow for suppliers’ efficient raw materials purchase or processing terms.

To eliminate potential disputes with suppliers, there are arbitration samples. Arbitration samples are stored in Krastsvetmet’s laboratory in accordance with the time period specified in the contract. Immediately upon the supplier’s request, this sample can be sent to his address or agreed arbitration laboratory.

Krastsvetmet’s laboratory is among the ten best laboratories in the world; it is accredited for technical competence by the Laboratory Accreditation Authority, Association of Analytical Centers “Analitica”, an associate member of ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation); and by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology.

Finished products under tolling

  • refined precious metals as standard and measured bullions, granules, powders and chemical compounds;
  • industrial appliances;
  • jewelry.

Krastsvetmet’s precious metal bullions meet international standards and have been included in the “Good Delivery” (high quality supply) lists at international commodities markets:

  • gold on the SGE (Shanghai);
  • gold and silver on the LBMA (London), the DMCC (Dubai);
  • platinum on the LPPM (London), NYMEX (New York);
  • palladium on the LPPM (London), NYMEX (New York) and TOCOM (Tokyo).