Sanitary and Environmental Industrial Laboratory Services

Krastsvetmet’s sanitary and environmental industrial laboratory is accredited for technical competence by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (№ RU.21СЭ03 dated 20.01.2011).

The scope of activities includes the:

  • Analysis of industrial and domestic wastewater solutions, groundwater, surface water, analysis of drinking, hot and distilled water, air pollution on-site and on the border of Krastsvetmet’s sanitary protection zone;
  • Monitoring of physical and chemical factors in the workplace;
  • Evaluation of ambient equivalent dose of gamma radiation intensity, X-rays in industrial and service buildings;
  • Evaluation of K-40, Cs-137, Ra-226, Th-232 specific activity in mineral raw materials and industrial waste.

The analysis of the contents and properties of substances and materials includes:

  • The air from populated areas, the industrial area, industrial emissions into the atmosphere;
  • The air of the working area (the chemical factors of the occupational environment);
  • Waste water, natural groundwater, hot, drinking and distilled water;
  • Physical factors of the occupational environment.