The Main Scientific Directions

  1. Processing technology developments:
    • scrap from automobile catalysts;
    • mesh scraps, scrap and waste products made of precious metals and their alloys;
    • rhenium materials.
  2. Development of innovate technologies for refining precious metals.
  3. Development of technologies:
    • electrochemical covers based on precious metals on products;
    • production of paints made of precious metals for the ceramic industry;
    • obtaining new alloys with dispersion-stabilized structure;
    • processing concentrates of tellurium and selenium;
  4. Development of technologies for the production of technical products made of precious metals.
    • based on platinum and platinum alloys;
    • silver alloys;
    • glass melting machines and glass fiber bushings of new designs using new alloys;
    • catalysts for the chemical and petrochemical industries.
  5. Improving production through new technical solutions in terms of:
    • ecology;
    • energy performance.