Organometallic Compounds of Precious Metals

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Organometallic compounds of precious metals are used as reagents for coating and as catalysts in a number of industries. Krastsvetmet produces 60 different organometallic compounds of precious metals including the most complex ones.

Organometallic compounds of precious metals are used in manufacturing of various products for coating. Some of them are used in heterogeneous catalysts. Certain types of organometallic compounds serve as homogeneous catalysts.

Organometallic compounds of precious metals are used as homogeneous catalysts in the synthesis of petrochemical products as well as high-purity chemical compounds in the following processes:

Organometallic compounds are precursors in the process of coating application. In the process itself, the chemical vapour deposition (CVD) method is used.

How it works: The precursor gases (often diluted in carrier gases) are fed into the reaction chamber at room temperature. Upon contact with a heated substrate they enter into a reaction, decompose, and form a solid phase, which is deposited onto the substrate. The substrate temperature is an important feature that affects the reaction.

The advantages of the CVD method as compared to electrolytic deposition or the more well-known physical vapour deposition (PVD) method are as follows:

  • fine grain,
  • impermeability,
  • high purity,
  • high hardness,
  • ultra-thin films (up to 100 pm),
  • low deposition rates (several μm/h).

Precursors and products obtained: