cis-Dinitrodiammine Platinum (II)

cis-Dinitrodiammine Platinum (II)

CAS number: 14286-02-3

Chemical formula: cis-Pt(NH3)2(NO2)2

Metal content: ≥59.0%

Application: component of electrolyte for platinum electroplating. Precursor of other compounds and materials based on platinum. E.g., a component of catalytic functional centres of hydrocarbons dehydrogenation.

Safety Data Sheet

Material Safety Certificate

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IndicatorsTrial Data Results
Mass fraction of platinum, %, min 59.0
Moisture, % 20—30
Mass fraction of admixtures in relation to platinum, %, max.:  
sodium 0.5
chlorine 1.0

As may be agreed by consumer and manufacturer, other requirements to the quality of cis-dinitrodiammine platinum (II) can be established.