Glass and Basalt Fiber Bushings

Krastsvetmet produces glass and basalt fiber bushings from 100 to 4 000 tips, depending on customer request.

Unique zirconia grain reinforced materials (ZGR) are used in the manufacture of marble bushings and direct melt bushings. This technology allows 18-27% of metal inventory reduction and significant decrease of rhodium content in the alloy.

Key advantages of our glass and basalt fiber bushings are:

  • reduced platinum inventory;
  • reduced losses of PGMs in operation;
  • increased productivity;
  • increased lifetime;
  • use of zirconia grain reinforced (ZGR) materials.

Alloys used in the manufacturing process:

  • PtRh 93-7,
  • PtRh 90-10,
  • PtRh 90-10 ZGR (Zirconia Grain Reinforced),
  • PtRh 80-20,
  • PtRh 80-20 ZGR,
  • PtRh 70-30.