Catalytic Systems

The catalytic oxidation of ammonia using platinum-group metals catalysts is an important process in nitric acid production. Krastsvetmet produces catalytic systems used for nitric acid, hydroxylamine sulfate and hydrocyanic acid synthesis. Catalyst pack includes catalyst gauzes, catchment gauzes and separator screens of any diameter from 1.0 to 6.0 meters.

Krastsvetmet manufactures catalytic systems for nitrogen industry that meet all customer requirements. Continuous improvement of production technology and research enables to achieve optimal performance of catalytic system directly affecting the reduction of precious metals losses and optimization of conversion efficiency.

Furthermore, precious metals inventory in catalyst packs has been decreased by improvements in gauzes manufacturing technology and highly effective pack composition.

In the production of catalyst gauzes Krastsvetmet uses its own specially developed alloys protected by international patents.

The main objectives of our catalytic systems manufacturing are:

  • development of new alloys and types of knitting;
  • considerable attention to scientific research projects;
  • cooperation with Russian and foreign specialists.

Our Company develops tailor made solutions for the clients: we are able to customize catalyst packs for any kind of plant and incoming gas mixture.

Moreover, Krastsvetmet provides additional services to meet complex needs of our customers:

  • refining of precious metals contained in scrap, sludge and spent catalysts;
  • gas emission purification catalysts supply;
  • plants cleandown services.