Manufacturing Experience and Achievements

For Krastsvetmet, the chemical composition of precious metals and their alloys is the most important factor that determines the quality and, therefore, the price of our products.

The reliability and quality of finished products chemical composition analysis is closely related with the necessary and sufficient number of precious metals CRMs at the disposal of Companies analytical laboratory.

Providing qualified CRMs of precious metals is a question that has always been very actual because of production process complexity.

Since 2005 Krastsvetmet has been successfully implementing a project of designing, manufacturing and certification of CRMs not only for their own consumption, but also for external customers.

As a producer of reference materials, our company has three times won the LBMA tender for participation in international development projects for CRMs of silver (2008–2009), for CRMs of gold (2013–2014 years) and for CRMs of gold (2016-2018 years). These projects allow to confirm our professionalism in this area, to get a great experience in production process organization, in homogeneity studies and certification analyzes. Interlaboratory certification includes 12 participants: companies from UK, Germany, Canada, Japan, South Africa and other countries. The only Russian laboratory participated — Central Laboratory of Krastsvetmet.

CRMs attract considerable interest of both domestic and foreign companies associated with mining and processing of precious metals. We invite all interested companies to actively interact, to propose new projects for reference materials development, to share experiences in metrological control.