JSC Krastsvetmet Board of Directors regular meeting was held chaired by Yegor Vasiliev, regional Minister of Economy

JSC Krastsvetmet Board of Directors chaired by Yegor Vasiliev, Minister of Economy and Regional Development of the Krasnoyarsk Region, summarized the company's activities in 2019. Key topic of the meeting was a preliminary review of the company's report for 2019 and accounting statements for the financial year.

“In 2019, we have implemented dozens, if not hundreds, of projects in all our domains: organizational development and changes in corporate culture, IT and digitalization, technological upgrade and operational performance improvement. However, this has become our usual pace of change in recent years,” said Mikhail Dyagilev, Krastsvetmet Director General.

Company's revenues increased by almost 30% against 2018 and amounted to 36.1 billion rubles. Net profit increased by 51% and reached 1.1 billion rubles. Tax payments to the consolidated budget of the Krasnoyarsk Region in 2019 amounted to 617 million rubles.

In 2019, Krastsvetmet broke its own record for gold refining and produced 253 tons of metal.Krastsvetmet produced 115 tons of the 121 tons of platinum group metals produced in Russia in 2019.

The company increased the volume of services rendered and additional equipment supplied to nitrogen plants by 2.6 times and occupied 10% of the catalyst systems global market.

In addition to the production of precious metals and industrial products, Krastsvetmet manufactures jewelry. Against the general decline in the jewelry market, Krastsvetmet managed to reinforce its standings having sold 8.7 tons of gold and silver machine-wovenchains and increased its services revenue by 73%.

In 2019, company development strategy till 2030 was approved aimed at increasing Krastsvetmet stability in the conditions of dominance in its main target markets. Krastsvetmet is the largest non-resource precious metal company in Russia and one of the global leaders in this sector. The company supplies its products and services to dozens of countries around the world.

The Board of Directors appreciated the company's performance in 2019. In particular, Board Member Vladimir Surotkin noted,

“As an independent professional Director, I would like to emphasize that for many years I have been observing company’s steady development, despite the fact that the precious metals market is quite unstable. The enterprise and its team show high efficiency, while upgrading their processes, logistics and expanding their global economy presence.”

“Krastsvetmet remains a leader in the production of gold, silver, platinum group metals, high-tech products and intellectual developments, constantly expanding the scope of its activities and bringing the company to new markets. I believe, the key to this success is company’s social responsibility, focus on the development of each employee, and overall care for the team. This year, the number of Krastsvetmet employees exceeded two thousand, while their average age is less than 40 years. This is very promising. And the reason is obvious – for two thousand employees, there are more than three thousand completed training requests,” highlighted Yegor Vasiliev, Minister of Economy and Regional Development of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.