Krastsvetmet reduced emissions by 10%

Krastsvetmet, one of the world leaders in refining precious metals, always follows clean production principles. The company has developed and implemented a comprehensive set of standards that regulate levels of environmental impact of various factors, in particular, Industry Standard ISM “Environmental Protection”, Industry Standard ISM “Identification and assessment of hazards, risks and environmental aspects”, ISO 14001: 2015 “Environmental management systems”.

In the process of the enterprise commissioning in 1943, the first gas and water treatment plant was equipped with electric air filters. After such cleaning 1,540 tons of pollutants were emitted into the atmosphere. In 1976, gas cleaning facilities for refining plants, including electric air filters and air foam devices, were put into operation for the purpose of reducing emissions. In 1980, the level of emissions fell to 689 mtons.

All these years, a dust collection and gas cleaning plant has been operating in order to protect atmospheric air from industrial pollution, in which a multi-stage automated cleaning system with electric air filters (6 KM-21 electric filters) and foam devices (10 units) has been implemented. Efficiency of dust collecting exceeds the rated capacity at the level of more than 99%.

Air emissions are controlled by an automatic system (TE-1M gas analysis unit) every 6 minutes. Sensors are located in a ventilation pipe with a height of 120 meters. This system is one of the best in the country because it has a capacity to monitor environmental pollution in real-time mode with output of the most complete information. Monitoring is carried out by the environmental service and analytical laboratory of the сompany.

According to outcomes of the annual monitoring conducted by the Ministry of Ecology and Environmental Management, the Krastsvetmet’s share of the total volume of emissions in the city of Krasnoyarsk is 0.09%. The amount of pollutant emissions over 3 years decreased by 9.5% and was 163 tons for 2018.

The 20 years of successful experience of the automatic monitoring system have demonstrated an uninterrupted and stable observation mode of industrial emissions.

For the purpose of protecting water bodies and establishing an in-house closed-loop water-recycling system, such processes as ultrafiltration and purification of industrial effluents at the ion-exchange reverse osmosis unit are carried out at the neterprise. Reverse osmosis is a process of membrane separation of particles through a semi-permeable solvent membrane and some low-molecular solution components under pressure. The parameters of the cleaning process (pressure, flow rate, level, pH) are controlled automatically. The introduction of wastewater treatment by the method of reverse osmosis has allowed purifying industrial effluents up to standard levels and obtaining reusable industrial water, which has reduced the amount of water consumption.

The сompany has also implemented the principle of separate collection of paper, plastic, and batteries for their further transfer for recycling and disposal.

The Krastsvetmet’s current environmental program fits in harmoniously with environmental programs operating at the federal, regional and local levels and is aimed at improving technological processes and a planned transition to waste-free production.