Krastsvetmet became a Certified System Integrator

One of the world leaders in precious metals production acquired the status of a Certified System Integrator of products from Wonderware SI, an international supplier of software solutions for MES (Manufacturing Execution System).

MES pilot introduction was completed by Krastsvetmet IT specialists in conjunction with a partner, Exeplant company. After the necessary competencies were obtained, in-house system integration activities were in progress since 2016 and in 2018 the introduction of Wonderware MES solution was completed in all production divisions of the company.

«This is a unique situation for Russia when an industrial company becomes a software product integrator,» says Oleg Davydenko, Head of MES Practice at Krastsvetmet. «Enjoying the support of Wonderware, having built a large portfolio of software solutions, we are ready to share our experience with other companies interested in production automation.»

As a Certified System Integrator, Krastsvetmet benefits from comprehensive information and methodological support provided by Wonderware, a market leader in software solutions for production management and a leading supplier of automation systems, engineering and industrial software.