Krastsvetmet confirmed Good Delivery status in LPPM

In 2017, Krastsvetmet once again participated in the compliance confirmation program of its products with the Good Delivery status for LPPM (London Platinum and Palladium Market).

This summer, in Krastsvetmet, in the presence of an inspector-independent observer, platinum and palladium samples were selected in the normal production process for platinum and palladium ingots. Obtained samples were normally tested in the Krastsvetmet laboratory for further comparison with the analysis performed by the LPPM arbitrators.

Obtained results fully confirmed the high quality of the samples taken within the normal production process. Krastsvetmet confirmed the high quality of the produced metal, claimed hallmark 999.5 and compliance with all Good Delivery standards.

The program of technical evaluation of refineries is carried out once every three years to ensure consistency of performance.