R&D Park starts its work

Krastsvetmet has presented R&D Park — Russia’s first infrastructure focused on supporting and implementing commercial developments in cooperation with independent researchers, technology companies, institutes and venture capital funds on 24, March, 2016.

The history of Krastsvetmet is the history of industrial science. It is surprising to note, but for all time of Krastsvetmet research workshop existence and actually in recent years scientific and technological enterprise centre worked in adapted premises of production facilities, often lacking its own testing equipment technology on an industrial scale. We had to change the situation.” Mikhail Dyagilev, Krastsvetmet CEO, said. “Nowadays Krastsvetmet is an industrial cluster in precious metals refining sphere. It contains several companies connected by technological cooperation. The list of residents includes 12 companies, 5 of which had already been established in R&D Park. The projects are aimed to improve the refining processes and cleaning up emissions.

We expect the synergy from joining R&D Park, which lies in the concentration of Krastsvetmet’s and our company competences,” says the head of “Stark” — Park resident — Leonid Grosh, “this should lead to breakthrough technologies emergence that will ensure the future prosperity of our companies.

Krastsvetmet fully supports the R&D Park residents particularly in project financing, participation in major Russian and international tenders with difficult access for startups and small businesses to.