Krastsvetmet selects second-year students for undergraduate academic department in Siberian Federal University

On February 1, 2016 first-year students competitive selection process for a “Metallurgy” undergraduate academic department commenced. Twelve students from the School of Non-Ferrous Metals and Material Science of SFU will get an opportunity to enroll in a program, established under the bilateral agreement between the University and Krastsvetmet.

The main feature of the Program is its practice-oriented approach providing the in-depth study of relevant disciplines based on scientific, technological and innovative resources of the Company.

The head of the Program, Natalia Mironkina, explained that students will be trained in accordance with the international engineering educational framework CDIO (conceive — design — implement — operate). “We would like to give students a chance to examine in practice the unique features of precious metal production technologies in order to get their projects integrated into the actual refining operation processes” as she points out. “In the future, it will affect an adaptation period, required for each new employee. Our main task is to minimize it and to prepare professionals with the competencies essential for the Company.

In 2014, first students were selected. As the students enrolled in the Program admit, in addition to in-depth practical training, the Program is most closely connected to science. During the year, the students together with Krastsvetmet’s R&D division took an active part in the work of specialized scientific conferences. In December 2015, as a result of participation in the “Metallurgy CDIO. Point of growth1.0” exhibition-presentation, two projects proposed by the students of the Program were recommended for inclusion in the “Youth in Science” international student conference program.