Krastsvetmet is amongst largest Russian companies in RAEX-600 rating

Expert RA has ranked Krastsvetmet as Russia’s 146th biggest company by sales volume indicator in RAEX-600 and the 15th in “20 most dynamic companies” rating based on performance in 2014.

It should be noted that the number of companies in the new rating has risen from 400 to 600. Companies representing several new industries, including audit and consulting, real estate, advertising and entertainment agencies were also ranked. According to "Expert RA", the expansion of the rating’s participants list has enabled to improve the accuracy of analysis, objectivity of sampled population and get a more complete insight into the current state of the Russian economy.
The economic crisis has certainly affected the financial performance of large industrial companies. On average, 32% of companies included in the rating showed a loss for the year. Very few enterprises showed upward profit trends.
Krastsvetmet’s growth rate in 2014 outperformed 2013 and amounted to 121.8%. The Company’s revenue amounted to 70.3 billion rubles. The Company’s net income was an increase of 38% and reached 2.4 billion rubles. The Company has progressed in the ranking by 104 positions up compared to the rating of performance in 2013 (250th ranking) and by 248 positions compared to the rating of 2012 (394th ranking).

Rankingtable based on performance in 2014

20 most dynamic companies

Rankingtable based on performance in 2013 and 2012