Jewelry Manufacture

Continuous casting, rolling, drawing area

Like any jewelry manufacturer, Krastsvetmet works with alloys, not with pure metals. Therefore, the production process begins in a continuous casting area. Here the metal acquires the desired fineness; it is drawn into rods and strips and then wound into heavy rolls and turned into the finest wire and plates for jewelry making.

Chain-making and soldering area

Krastsvetmet’s fully mechanized chain and bracelet manufacture is considered one of the best in Russia. Italian equipment allows for the creation of articles to meet international standards. This equipment enables the production of 30 styles of basic chains, which come directly out of the chain-making machine. More than 180 chain and bracelet styles are derived from the basic chains.

An important quality indicator of chains and bracelets is their durability. Therefore, one of the main tasks of the manufacturer is to get a high quality connection between the chain links. This is achieved through both the conventional powder soldering process, and also by using argon arc and laser welding methods. Each chain passes a tensile strength test before it is forwarded to the next stage of production.

Forging and diamond faceting area

Compaction, forging, calibration and diamond cutting — all of these make it possible to create more than 180 original chain and bracelet styles. One of the most beautiful stages of work is in diamond faceting, which almost all chains and bracelets undergo. A natural or manufactured diamond cutter is used as the main tool. After this treatment, products have a high luster and an attractive appearance.

Finishing treatment area

Finally, all articles are forwarded to the finishing treatment area, where microscopic spring rings are attached to chains and bracelets, providing the final product form. After passing a rigorous state standard metal assay, the article is hallmarked with the name of the manufacturer and State Assay Chamber.