Industrial Appliances

The industrial appliances division products include:

  • catalyst systems for ammonia oxidation;
  • glass and basalt fiber bushings;
  • silver sputtering targets;
  • APIs for cancer therapy;
  • products for industrial bimetal thermometry;
  • platinum laboratory ware;
  • flat and round bars, wires, anodes.

The Company uses its own alloys protected by international patents. Refined precious metals have the highest quality status of “Good Delivery” on international tradng platforms.

In 2002, precious metals chemical compound production line was launched.

In 2004, the manufacture of platinum-rhodium ammonia oxidation catalysts was put into operation.

In 2008, thermocouple wire production for thermoelectric converters and resistance temperature detectors (sensors) was launched.

In 2010, the Company started to manufacture new types of products: bushings for glass and basalt fiber production and silver sputtering targets for magnetron glass coating.

Krastsvetmet’s specialists constantly improve production technologies and develop new alloys. We increase the efficiency of our products and systems by analyzing results of each operation period.