Water Resource Conservation

Industrial wastewater and domestic sewage treated at the plant’s facilities are discharged through the eastern and western collectors to the municipal treatment facilities of the Right Bank area, where they undergo further biological treatment.

Improving the efficiency of existing treatment facilities and introducing new wastewater treatment technologies allows Krastsvetmet to reduce the volume of wastewater effluent and decrease the amount of contaminants in it.

In regards to maintaining the quality of the water, the company has implemented a project of ultrafiltration and effluent purification by means of an ion exchange reverse osmosis processor. The resulting filtrate complies with the technical water requirements and is used in production.

The implementation of first-stage salt flow evaporation at the evaporation plant not only reduces the volume of wastewater and the amount of contaminants, but also allows for the extraction of products, such as sodium chloride and calcium chloride, used in manufacturing, construction and public utilities.