Rhodium(III) Sulfate, Bright Plating "Rhodium DR"

Rhodium(III) Sulfate, Bright Plating "Rhodium DR"

CAS number: 10489-46-0

Chemical formula: Rh2(SO4)3

Metal content: 4.0—6.0%

Application: a component of sulphuric acid electrolyte for rhodium plating.

Articles on the use of the compound:


IndicatorsTrial Data Results
Mass fraction of rhodium: %, (g/L) 4-6 (40-60)
Mass fraction of admixtures in relation to mass fraction of Rh, %, each max.:  
calcium, magnesium, silicon 0.04
Iron, copper, zinc, cadmium, tin, lead, stibium, chromium, arsenic 0.005
Mass fraction of (Cl- + Br- + I-) in solution calculated by chloride ion, %, max. 0.01
Mass fraction of free H2SO4, mole/kg of solution, max. 0.5

As may be agreed by consumer and manufacturer, other requirements to the quality of rhodium plating electrolytes can be established.