Rhodium (III) Iodide

Rhodium (III) Iodide

CAS number: 15492-38-3

Chemical formula: RhI3

Metal content: 18.5—21.2%


  • rhodium application on support surface;
  • precursor to produce other compounds, e.g. rhodium carbonyl compounds, rhodium nitrate;
  • precursor of catalyst to produce polyketone thermoplastic polymers. Developed by SRI International, USA. Pilot plant has been started by industrial conglomerate Hyosung Corporation located in South Korea; and
  • catalyst of methanol carbonylation to produce acetic acid and methyl acetate. Grantor of license: Monsanto Celanese company.

Shelf life: 3 years.


  • glass jars; and
  • glass jars with polyethylene insert;
  • polymer jars.

Material Safety Certificate

Articles on the use of the compound:

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IndicatorsTrial Data Results
Appearance Black-coloured crystalline powder
Mass fraction of rhodium, % 18.5—21.2
Mass fraction of potassium and sodium (each), %, max. 0.1
Solubility in acetic acid upon adding carbon dioxide at 4 atm and at temperature 100 °С, % , min. 99.75
Mass fraction of sulphur (S), %, max. 0.1
Sum of Br + Cl, %, max. 0.1
Particle size, µm, max. 150