Cisplatin (сis-Dichlorodiammine Platinum (II))

Cisplatin (сis-Dichlorodiammine Platinum (II))

CAS-number: 15663-27-1

Chemical formula: cis-Pt(NH3)2Cl2

Metal content: ≥64.5%

Application: antineoplastic agent.

Shelf life: 2 years.

Package: dark glass jars with polyethylene caps.

Material Safety Certificate

Articles on the use of the compound:

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IndicatorsTrial Data Results
Appearance Yellow-orange-coloured crystalline powder
Solubility Slowly and very low-soluble in 0.1N HCl and 0.9% NaCl, practically insoluble in 95% alcohol

Max. at l=301±2 nm,
Minimum at l=246±2 nm,
Shoulder 276-284 nm

platinum qualitative test Positive
ammonia qualitative test Positive
chlorides qualitative test Positive
Solution transparency Conforms to reference standard No. 1 (National Pharmacopeia, Vol. XI)
Water, % Max. 0.5
Foreign impurities, %:  
trans-isomer Max. 1.0
other foreign impurities Max. 1.0
Quantitative assay, %:  
based on platinum assay results Min. 99.0
based on nitrogen assay results Min. 99.0
Platinum content, % Min. 64.35