Рalladium (II) Nitrate Solution

Рalladium (II) Nitrate Solution

CAS number: 10102-05-3

Chemical formula: Pd(NO3)2

Metal content: 6.030.0%


  • precursor to produce palladium compounds (e.g. palladium acetate) and materials containing palladium (e.g. palladium oxide on support surface), including catalyst of exhaust gases neutralisation; and
  • used to produce copper-palladium nanoparticles applied for catalysis and for manufacturing sensors and fuel cells.

Shelf life: 3 years.


  • glass bottles; and
  • polymer containers.

Safety Data Sheet

Material Safety Certificate

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IndicatorsTrial Data Results
 Type 1Type 2
Appearance Dark-brown-coloured thick liquid
Mass fraction of palladium, %, min. 6.0—30.0 6.0—30.0
Mass concentration of free nitric acid, g/dm3, min. 150 150
Mass fraction of admixtures in relation to palladium, %, max.:    
platinum, rhodium, ruthenium, silicon, lead (each) 0.01 0.01
iron, iridium, gold (each) 0.02 0.01
aluminium, bismuth, manganese, molybdenum, arsenic, nickel, tin, stibium, chromium, zinc (each) 0.01
calcium, silver, magnesium, copper (each) 0.0050 0.01