Рalladium (II) Chloride

Рalladium (II) Chloride

CAS number: 7647-10-1

Chemical formula: PdCl2


Metal content: 59.0—60.2%


  • main precursor to produce palladium compounds and materials containing palladium;
  • catalyst of unsaturated hydrocarbon compounds transition into ethers; catalyst of transvinylation; catalyst of producing ethylene glycol;
  • catalyst in vinyl acetate synthesis based on ethylene and acetic acid reaction. Grantor of license: National Distillers Products Bayer-Hoechst;
  • reagent for Anidulafungin antifungal agent synthesis. Manufacturer: Pfizer company;
  • reagent for Febuxostat arthrifuge synthesis. Manufacturer: Teijin Pharma company;
  • reagent for Chinolone Garenoxacin antibiotic synthesis (Toyama Chemical company);
  • reagent for Nebivolol synthesis (Zach System company);
  • reagent for Cinacalcet synthesis (Medichem and Dipharma Francis companies); and
  • reagent for 5-(4-cyanophenyl)indole medicinal agent synthesis (RohnerChem company, Switzerland).

Shelf life: 3 years.


  • glass jars; and
  • polymer jars.

Safety Data Sheet

Material Safety Certificate

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IndicatorsTrial Data Results
Appearance Brown to dark-red-coloured crystalline powder
Mass fraction of palladium, % 59.0—60.2
Mass fraction of admixtures, %, max.:  
platinum, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium, gold, silver (sum) 0.0100
including each admixture 0.0025
sodium, potassium (sum) 0.0150
including each admixture 0.0100
aluminium, barium, bismuth, iron, cadmium, cobalt, silicon, magnesium, manganese, copper, molybdenum, arsenic, nickel, tin, lead, selenium, stibium, tellurium, chromium, zinc (sum) 0.0200
including each admixture 0.0025
calcium 0.0030
titanium 0.0050