Congratulations on the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Second World War!

A tremendous victory was achieved by our country at the cost of enormous effort and sacrifice. The most critical year in the war was 1943 — this year was later called the “epoch of triumphant salutes.” It was March 23, 1943 when the first Krastsvetmet products appeared. Many veterans of the company are living witnesses of the time, which was crucial for the destiny of our country. That time is horrible to recollect, but it would horrible if forgotten. It is our duty to preserve the memory of heroes and pass on to future generations the memory and the enormous toll of the Great Victory.

Krastsvetmet congratulates everyone on the anniversary of Victory in the Second World War! It was a low bow to all those who fought, toiled in the rear and rebuilt the country after the war. Eternal memory to all those who died in the Second World War, all those who did not live to see this day!