Krastsvetmet celebrates its 72nd birthday

The history of Krastsvetmet began in the years of the Second World War. Norilsk sludge was first refined into platinum and palladium at the plant on March 23, 1943 and by 1945 the large-scale production of precious metals began; in 1946 the first platinum bars were cast and then palladium bars in 1947. By the end of the 50s the production process of all platinum group metals was put into operation.

During its existence Krastsvetmet has passed over a long historical way — from simplest form of machines to advanced refining technologies. The history of our company is not only scientific developments, technologies and refined metals. Our history is, first of all, people. We highly value the work of each employee. Major achievements during the establishment period of production are associated with the names of N. Kuzhel, N. Seliverstov, I. Bashilov, R. Muller, V. Nedler, V. Kostrykin, S. Anisimov, P. Rozhkov, V. Dolgikh, B. Graiver, P. Shulakov, V. Gulidov.

Today besides the legendary history Krastsvetmet has a perspective future. The company remains the leader of metallurgical industry and holds strong position in the precious metals market. Krastsvetmet processes about 96% of platinum group metals mined in Russia, over 64% of gold and over 57% of silver.